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Blazing fast GPS, parent app, and fleet management. All at an unbeatable price.

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Our Solution

Location Hardware

Precisely tracks bus location and estimated time of arrival.

Web & Mobile App

Real time status updates, presented in a cutting edge interface.

Personalized Support

24/7 support for administrators, parents, and students.


Complete Oversight

Monitor activity, schedules, and completion for all bus routes.


Data Driven Insight

Location, ETAs, and Performance Metrics enable efficiency and safety.


Active Response

Substitute, Delays, or Cancel routes easily. Notify parents early on.


Secure Data

Keep your data secure with NxStop's custom data integration


No More Worry

Real-time ETA and location data for parents and students. Rest assured.


Immediate Alerts

Delays or Cancellation alerts notify users immediately. Goodbye uncertainty.


Trip Insights

Discover your average trip pick up, drop off, and duration times. Be in the know.


Multiple Students

Have two or three kids? Our app covers that. Track everyone’s route.

The NxStop COVID package includes:

Bus and Cafeteria Seating

Automated, socially distanced assigned seating on the buses and in the cafeteria

Lunch Ordering

Worry-free mobile lunch ordering for students and management system for staff

COVID Safety Features

Stay safe with the digital contact tracing feature designed for students and staff

Happy Clients

I am VERY happy with the app! I have waited at the bus stop for 30-60 minutes during the first few months of school because the bus was consistently late. It’s so great to be able to see where the bus is exactly while it is in motion. So grateful for this app!


NxStop User

With NxStop we saw great numbers in terms of parent registration and an excellent parent satisfaction rate. NxStop was easy to work with, the parents love it, and it made my job a lot easier.

Tim Trzaska

Director of Operations

Neshaminy School District

It’s pretty great, considering I work from home and knowing exactly when to expect my child home helps me eliminate lost productivity waiting for the bus.


NxStop User

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